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Maryland American Bulldog Rescue is a very small group of people dedicated to saving the lives of American Bulldogs and mixes there of, in Maryland. Whether these dogs are from shelters, owners, abuse situations, or strays, or whether they have behavior problems, health problems, or other impairments, we want to help them. Sadly, we cannot help as many as we would like. Rescue work is a tough job, emotionally, there are just not enough good homes, for these dogs. Sometimes we run of out space, or time and the dog will not make it into a rescue. That goes with all rescues, no one can save them all. We will try our best, but there is never any guarantee, that they will all make it to a Forever Home. We are all volunteers, working "paying jobs," going to school, housewifes/husbands, and rescuing is our "non paying job." We take our "job" seriously, and our purpose is to rehome AB's in need, help current owners keep their AB's, and offer help and information on stopping the vicious Breed Prejudice that many of us are facing today. Saving these dogs is so serious to us, that we very often have to place dogs in another state where we have rescue friends and fosters, and will either adopt that dog out in that state, or transport it back to Maryland when its ready. We hope that our rescue volunteer numbers will grow, with the introduction of this website, so if you have the urge to help, you are welcome to fill out a volunteer application and questionnaire or email, Michelle McDonald, at

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