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Special Offer

How It Works:

These tools are designed to allow you to easily keep your rescues up to date without needing to know HTML, having FTP access to your server, and on your own time. (no more waiting on someone else to do it for you!)

Step 1: Log-In

Step 2: Add a Rescue

To add a rescue simply fill out the Name and Description boxes and click the Add Rescue button. Uploading a picture to go along with your rescue is as easy as clicking the Browse button and locating it on your hard drive.

Once you click the Add Rescue button your website is immediately updated to reflect the change. You may now make changes to your rescues by clicking the Edit/Delete link on your adminstration page. You will be presented with a list of your rescues:

Editing a Rescue
Need to make a change? Just click the Edit link next to the rescue's name:

From here just make your changes and click the Edit Rescue button. You probably noticed the "Rescue Status" pulldown menu. If your site includes other pages such as Success Stories, Rainbow Bridge, In Memory Of, etc. you can use the pulldown to choose where your rescue shows up.

Deleting a Rescue
To remove a rescue from your active list simply click the Delete link. You will be asked to confirm the deletion. Clicking "Yes" removes the rescue from your database.

Take a look at the price list and breakdown. Even if you already have a website these tools can be smoothly and easily incorporated into your current site! If you would like more information about this offer, or would like to sign-up, please e-mail jon@centralridge.com.

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